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HouseRefer Online Property Website now on LinkedIn

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Sell Property Online in UK and all over the world

HouseRefer is your one stop website to sell property online in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world.

Our recently refurbished property website is a useful tool in selling or finding your property. Whatever type of home you are trying to find, we hope our website will be of use to you.

And remember, it’s free to use and there are currently no annoying adverts or pop ups trying to sell you things!

The only items we do actually offer for sale are ones that we think you might find useful. For Sale boards for instance… If you are advertising your home and you want the world to know about it, why not have a For Sale board with a contact number and reference on it. Then you’ll hopefully have people banging on your door as a result!

So, if you are looking to sell or rent your property, whether your home is here in the UK or abroad, then HouseRefer can help.


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House Refer – a place to sell your house or property online with no fees

Welcome to

This online property environment was created to provide the consumer, house purchaser, owner, landlord – basically anyone connected with property, the chance to buy, sell, rent or lease their house, flat, apartment, room, mansion, hotel or any other property, absolutely free.

I know it may be hard to believe, when estate agents charge a hefty commission, that you could find a place that is free to register and advertise your property. But it is true.

The online advertising process is simple.

Step 1.

Register your details with us and you can then log in to your own property area.

Step 2.

Enter a new property. Here you will be able to upload photographs, enter full descriptions of your property, and put as much information as you can to promote your house or flat or whatever property you have.

Step 3.

Enter the coordinates of the property so that it can be located on our “search by map” facility. A popular way of searching for a house to buy nowadays is via a map. Many people are moving areas and like to see where the properties are situaed in relation to other areas and facilities.

Step 4.

Sit back and watch your property being advertised.

You will of course have the full functionality of being able to alter the listing, change the price, edit pictures, change listing information and more importantly change the status of the property.

If you are selling a house for example and you get to the “under offer” stage, you can alter the status of the property to reflect this.

At any stage in the sale of a property, you do not have to remove it from our database. If the house sale fails for any reason, you just enter your properties section of the site and change the status to “for sale” and the house will show up again on the website search engine.

It certainly is a great way to sell, buy, rent or lease your house. Try it today.

Thank you for visiting

Please visit our further information section if you have any questions.

We do offer other services which may be of use to you.

For Home Information Packs (HIP’s) click here:

Our sitemap is here

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